Dhani Ram Khanna Jewellery – Fine handmade jewellery

Artistic Gold Jewellery

Welcome to an an enchanted world where inspirations from around the world come together and come alive. A forgotten relic, A sensual dance. An exquisite fabric. DRK Jewels captures the very soul of these unique inspirations, with expert craftsmanship and immortalizes them in fine designs of gold, diamond and polki.

The Inspiration

When designing a piece one of the things that comes to mind is the obsession of making a piece that as never been into existence, to try with different stones, metals, to enjoy the process. Whether its transforming the shapes or squaring the circle. Not just to understand the design but to be curious, passionate and always filled with wonder. One of the questions we ask ourselves is not just to receive knowledge, but a willingeness to question it - to be Imaginative and be self taught.

Design Process

They craft luxurious jewels shaped in elegant elements that embody traditional and contemporary styles with a modern electic twist.Their high quality products of ten exemplify rare craftsmanship and magnificent appeal. Entrusted with a rich legacy, DRK Jewels strive to make each product a fine piece of art.